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What is The Federalist Debate?

It's a four-monthly review born to stimulate and feed the circulation of ideas and information among the various federalist organisations, and among these and the movements in the global civil society that are growing impetuously in all the regions of the world. It's a mean on which Federalist Organisations can speak out in a common voice on the issue of federalism. "The Federalist Debate" aims to encourage debate in a borderless environment. Each issue of "The Federalist Debate" features a collection of comments concerning events of relevance at the international level seen from the federalist viewpoint. An important part of the magazine is dedicated to a debate, which sees federalists confront each other on a specific topic. Ample space is given to the action that federalists are undertaking in different parts of the world. Other sections are dedicated to news and notes, interviews and Letters to the editor.

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